P-didakt is one of the leading agencies for digital learning, offering tailor-made strategy, advice, concept and creation of complex training projects. I got asked to create an image video that can give an overview of their services and values.
The video should be shown on the learntec fair as well as on the p-didakt website so it needed to work without a voiceover or subtitles. ​​​​​​​
Style 1
Style 1
Style 2
Style 2

Finale p-didakt boat in corporate colors and different perspectives.

Approach: ​​​​​​​
After our first video call where we discussed rough ideas, I created a concept, script and a first moodboard.
The video should show how p-didakt and the customer travel as paper boats on a river through their project in a minimal vector style. The three main services ‘Consulting’, ‘Qualification’ and ‘Content’ should be represented as 3 springs where we dive deeper and show in abstract collages what those services include. This should help to appeal visually and work as an eye catcher especially for their booth at the fair.

Making-of in After Effects.

Small Extra:
Close to finishing the corporate video the client asked me if I could create a video to show a lot of written customer testimonials on an additional screen at their booth.
"How does one meet the challenge of creating something new while simultaneously strengthening familiarity with the existing brand? Natalie has seemingly accomplished this effortlessly with the p-didakt corporate film. She has an exceptional sense of what works and where it helps to question guidelines and provide impulses. We proudly and gladly showcase our corporate film time and time again. Furthermore, we give Natalie an A+ with a gold star for her project management: clear processes, on time and within budget, accountable for results, and always approachable and cheerful even under time pressure.Thank you, Natalie. We are fans."
- Jasmin Hamadeh, Consulting and Organizational Development -
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Consulting, Research, Script Writing, Storyboarding, Design, Illustration, Animation

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