Medienproduktion Kuntz was seeking a motion designer to create an Opener for the trailer of the game 'Catch Me!' release. Catch Me! is an exhilarating tag game where players must chase and catch a designated fourth player. Inspired by the movie "Tag" (known as "Catch Me" in German), the game captures the essence of playing tag in unique and unexpected locations.​​​​​​​
The Trailer's Opener, spanning 15 to 20 seconds, required a captivating presentation that showcased the game's dynamic actions and interactive elements. It was crucial for the Opener to utilize the characters and maps as a foundation while distinctively differentiating itself from the in-game visuals. This creative approach allowed for artistic modifications, such as shape alterations and other deviations, to enhance the visual impact. 
Given the game's ongoing development, the trailer production necessitated flexibility to accommodate any necessary adjustments and ensure alignment between the showcased actions in the trailer and the actual gameplay.
Approach: ​​​​​​​
I reviewed a list of characters and available actions during the game's development phase and decided to focus on the Granny as the main character for 2 script ideas, as it would be the most unusual and fitting character choice for the game.
In Concept A, I envisioned a gripping stare-down between the four characters, inspired by the tension found in the Western film "Faster than Death" (also used in memes). The goal was to build classic suspense, which would then explode into action as the Granny started running, with the other characters in hot pursuit.
For Concept B, starting with a slow-motion shot of the Granny falling from an upper-floor window of a building. With a record scratch and freeze frame/slow motion effect, the Granny would amusingly say, "Yep, that's me. You're probably wondering how I got here." I would then rewind to the starting point and showcase a fast-paced race where the Granny is chased. Throughout the race, I would highlight three interactive props that are available in the game. Despite the other characters' attempts, they would be unable to catch the Granny. The sequence would conclude with the Granny jumping out of the window (as seen in the opening scene), smoothly transitioning to the in-game video material.
After careful consideration, we decided to proceed with Concept B as it offered more dynamic possibilities and allowed for a better showcase of the in-game interactables.
Storyboard v03
Storyboard v03
Final Animation
Final Animation
​​​​​​​​​​​​To ensure proper pacing and timing, I created a rough cut of the trailer. This allowed me to determine whether a voiceover or text graphics would work better. Additionally, I included illustrated scenes to capture the visual design and enhance the emotional appeal of the characters, despite their lack of faces in the game.
Once the rough cut and style were approved by the client, I proceeded to illustrate and animate all the remaining scenes. I also recorded the spoken parts, which were later professionally voiced over.

I made some minor adjustments, such as having the granny jump between floors, replacing the pigeon with a cat (an everyones favorite), and fine-tuning certain scenes to align with the level design in the city setting.

The game: Catch Me!

00:00 - 00:23 - Opener animation
Concept, Script Writing, Storyboarding, Illustration, Animation

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