Nice to meet you!
My Name is Natalie, I am an Art Director and Motion Designer based in Frankfurt, Germany. 
Design-driven and specialized in Motion Graphic, I am constantly looking for new inspirations and advanced ideas in the creative community and beyond. 
I love to bring together like-minded people for bigger projects, to exchange and share knowledge and experience. Since 2020 I am active as an admin and mentor at a nonprofit community focused on graphic and video support where I organize community events and collaboration videos, assist learners with video based technical support and am partly responsible for the social media management.

Outside of work, I recharge by traveling the world or reading lots of books. What I appreciate about my job is being able to pursue both my personal goals and professional passions with equal gusto.
In the last 7 years I've been fortunate enough to collaborate with amazing agencies and individuals as well as to create Videos for Merck, GIZ, Stada, Zeiss, Suzuki, Procter & Gamble, Lidl, RMV, TEDi, and more.​​​​​
With the aim to make YOUR life easier, I am excited to create new content for you!

What I do:
Concept & Storyboard, incl. Storytelling
Illustration and Animation
Musical rendering/sound on vision and SFX
Art Direction
Customer care and Consulting

I like e-mails so please get in touch if you’d like to talk about a project or just want to say hi.
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